Felting Courses

Felt Workshops with Astrid Adler

Introduction into Felting

Wet and dry or needle- felting with different high quality wools, their uses for different works. You will learn a range of techniques by felting small objects like a ball, puppet, snake and a piece of fabric.

The ancient craft of felting known to us from the booties of the people of the Aran Islands to Mongolians, felting their tents called yurts, taken into the 21st century with needle- and nano-felting. It enjoys since years a revival all over the world with new creations and techniques constantly added. People less talented with their hands can achieve easily good results as well.

5 2-hour sessions.

The Group Blanket

Groups from 4 persons up can felt a blanket together. Excellent very personal gift for example Babies, made from the softest of Marino wools. This can be done in a workshop during several hours on one day. Time open to appointment. Costs depending on size of blanket. Floor rags or wall hangings are popular as well.

Felt Workshops with Astrid Adler

Advanced Felting

Fairy/witch hat

Felt your very own magic hat

Fairy Slippers

Fairy Slippers

Preferable with partners. Felt a pair of slippers for each other.

Bad weather holiday felting

If your plans have to change, because of the weather, you can get your family/friends or any other group together and have a 2 hours or 4 hours workshop felting. Make a spontaneous appointment. Times open to arrangements.

Feltmaking goes back more than lO OOO years. Felt is a woven fabrik, produced by wet or needle felting.


Those hats are sold to people from all over the world. You can always find a collection with Cindy in the "Watercolour and Craft Shop" in Doolin.

Felted cape "Hawthorn"

Inspired by the hawthorn. Note the incorporation of black lace at the lower edge. I changed the closing into felted buttons.

Commissions are welcome.

Felted chess board and figures

An interesting commission; chess to be hugged, figures and board felted with wool from stone sheep and marino.

Felted Laptop Cover

Inspired by the make of the felted chessboard.


You'll find more felting here

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