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"Gods where wearing woad."

"If you need a vision, tell me what you want to see."

"The opposite of love is not hate but fear."

"Art is the language of the Gods."

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Story about Chuang-tzu

King Wei of Chu heard about C Chuang-tzu's ability to express profound concepts with clarity and wit. One day the king send messengers laden with gifts to invite Chuang-tzu to his court and offer him the position of prime minister. The messenger found Chuang-tzu quietly fishing. In a proud voiced, the messenger said: "You have been honoured by our king. He extends to you an invitation to become his minister."

Chuang-tzu continued to fish. Then he smiled and said thoughtfully," I am honoured that the king would like to hire me for such an esteemed position as prime minister. But before I give you my answer, let me ask you a question. I have heard that the prince of Chu keeps a sacred tortoise who lived three thousand years carefully enclosed in a chest on the altar. Now I ask you, would that tortoise rather be dead and his remains viewed and revered in a museum, or do you think he would prefer to be alive and splashing in the mud?"

The messenger could not help but answer, "Of course, the tortoise would rather be alive, playing in the mud."

Chuang-tzu answered ,"Then leave me now. I would rather be free to splash in the mud!"

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