Astrid Adler

Metarealistic/Surrealistic work

Astrid Adler and her Metarealistic work.

Astrid Adler and her Metarealistic work.

As a young girl, she attended art classes in the birth town Brühl, near Cologne,of Dada grounder Max Ernst. The study of Surrealistic painters where part of her secondary education.

To achieve dreamlike effects upon canvas, Ernst invented many techniques. One of these, first noted by Leonardo da Vinci, is that of observing strange shapes in natural objects. Salvador Dali, called that the “paranoia Method”. It is an interpretation of the image, depending on the level of imagination of the viewer, where in the one image, there can be seen different motives.

To achieve this very imaginative dream landscapes automatic painting is one of the surrealistic techniques used. The hand is allowed to move absent-mindedly over the canvas and by doing so letting the subconscious emerge. The artist can then develop images based on what is seen.

Adler’s work is clearly influenced by the Surrealistic painters. But she developed  a practice with the unconscious, which allows her to guide her mind to archetype images.

That is what makes  her work Metarealistic. It does not show subconscious randomness but moves beyond psychological consciousness.

It tells of old mythology and wilderness, it is a spiritual interpretation of other dimensions. It shows us, that there is more to reality than appears at first sight.  surrealistic and metarealistic work

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