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Shaman Art, Surrealistic, Metarealistic

Astrid Adler and her work.

As a young girl, she attended art classes in the birth town Brühl, near Cologne, of Dada grounder Max Ernst. The study of Surrealistic painters were part of her secondary education.

To achieve dreamlike effects upon canvas, Ernst invented many techniques. One of these, first noted by Leonardo da Vinci, is that of observing strange shapes in natural objects. Salvador Dali, called that the "paranoiac Method". It is an interpretation of the image, depending on the level of imagination of the viewer, where in the one image, there can be seen different motives.

To achieve this very imaginative dream landscapes automatic painting is one of the surrealist techniques used. The hand is allowed to move absentmindedly over the canvas and by doing so letting the subconscious emerge. The artist can then develop images based on what is seen.

Adler's work is clearly influenced by the Surrealistic painters. But she developed a practice with the unconscious, which allows her to guide her mind to archetype images.

That is what makes her work Meta-realistic. It does not show subconscious randomness but moves beyond psychological consciousness. It tells of old mythology and wilderness, it is a spiritual interpretation of other dimensions. It shows us, that there is more to reality than appears at first sight.

Contemporary Celtic

Contemporary Celtic Art expresses itself in a very free way. Away from construction, but nevertheless with the typical Celtic feel. The work ranges from cery colourful and vibrant oil and acrylic paintings to Newgrange resembling symbolism presented with charcoal and chalk on brown paper to very unusual objects.


The objects are paint decorated bones. The eeriness which bones evoke disappears. Again the "Contemporary Celtic Art" style covers the entire object. The result are artefacts which invite to touch and even play with.


Vintage leather handbags transformed into a piece of art.


Two paintings including mirrors. Intense interaction between viewer and painting is formed. Because of the mirrors, the viewer finds him/herself in the painting and by doing so identifying with the person portrayed.


The Fairy Hunter

This 18 page children's book is full page illustrated, suits the 2-7 year old and costs €5.00. "A real West of Ireland feel."

Felted Chess Set

An interesting commission; chess to be hugged, felted with wool from stone sheep and marino.

Wall Painting

The farmer, I get my weekly milk of, needed an ugly wall painted, because he had visitors coming the next day. The only wall not hiding a stone wall turned into a stone wall in 3 hours with my brushes and paint.

Scattery Island.

For Percey French Bar/Kilrush, research in archives, visit to the island. A reconstruction of how people lived on the island.

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