Astrid Adler


Irish, jazz, ska, rock and roll, ancient, cajun, punk, world-music, trad, fiddle, Cláirseach

Astrid Adler and her music.

The early Irish harp is the symbol of Ireland. In 2005 I took part at the summer school for Cláirseach in Kilkenny and purchased one of the first 8 Trinity replicas. I am totally in love with this instrument. Forget all the other harps. This one is truly magic.

2006 and 2008 summer school with Ann Heymann, Andrew Laurence King and Siobhán Armstrong and regular lessons in Galway from Siobhán Armstrong. More harping here.

Harpers demonstration against M3 through Tara valley on 22nd September in front of the Dáil. Playing and making a big Harp on Tara hill the following day.

Listen to reels: