Astrid Adler


Mime is talking with your whole body, the language everybody understands. Mime means to bring fantasy and illusion to life. Because your body gives the picture of a form, it turns into reality; for yourself and everybody looking.

Cata Isle Mime Theatre

Cata Isle Mime Theatre was founded in late 2008 by Astrid Adler. Cata Isle Mime Theatre combined mime with elements of puppeteering, using a minimum of simple props. Poured into sound and light and make believe it shows you that everything is possible on stage. Refreshing theatre to see and work with. Cata Isle Mime Theatre pushes the boundaries of Irish theatre.

Cata Isle Brochure

The new Cata Isle Mime brochure is available for download here. You need Adobe Reader to view and print the brochure


Posters Cata Isle Mime performances in Carrigaholt and Kilrush.

DL Brochure Cata Isle Mime.

School Performance

School performance featuring "The Hungry Caterpillar" for junior infants - second class. Some children had a 5 x 1 hour mime workshop and where integrated into a further performance.


Some other acting memories